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For the use of this document, “Wellgrow Securities” refers to Wellgrow Securities Investment Advisors. The website www.wellgrowsecurities.com is a registered domain owned by Wellgrow Securities.
By using Wellgrow Securities services, you give your consent to the understated terms and conditions, and also any other policies which may be presented to you in the future. If you do not accept the terms of use entirely, you may not use or access the site or even use Wellgrow Securities services.

1. General

You acknowledge that

  • Past performance is no guarantee of future results. You shall not held Wellgrow Securities responsible for not able to give you returns in future similar to what the returns had been in the past.
  • There will be no third party beneficiary, otherwise expressly stated in the terms
  • Wellgrow Securities may provide you with recommendations over following ways -Email, messages on cell, written postings.
  • Wellgrow securities will inform you regarding any changes of the policies by email, messages and postings about Wellgrow Securities services.
  • Selection of Law & Place of Justice – The terms and conditions of the relationship between you and Wellgrow Securities shall be governed by the Indian laws. And you and Wellgrow Securities shall present to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located at Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
  • Limitations of Statue – Regardless of any statute or law to the contrary, if any claim or cause of action arising due to sue of any Wellgrow Securities services offered to you as per the terms and conditions, you agree that it must be filed within a period of one year after such claim or cause of action has arose or it will be forever barred. The headings given in the terms are for mere ease only and doesn’t have any legal effect
  • If any terms and provisions are found by any court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, then both parties shall nevertheless agree that the court should make an effort to give effect to the intentions of the parties behind the terms and provisions & the other terms & provisions shall operate as stated
  • You shall not use the site in any manner simply to violate insider trading regulations as per SEBI laws or by other federal or state laws of any other country whichever is stricter
  • You will not attempt to make any transactions for the purpose of market manipulation or even post information on the site for the same
  • You shall not post anything on the website which is contrary to the Indian laws or the law applicable to you which is stricter
  • The information posted by other users, and also posted on site is obtained from the Stock exchange or other financial information providers & news sources – Wellgrow Securities does not review or analyze such third-party information
  • Wellgrow Securities does not guarantee completeness, accuracy, or even relevance as to content provided on the site
  • Wellgrow Securities possesses all the rights, interest, title, including entire worldwide intellectual property rights in the site, information and trademarks, logos mentioned here. You will not copy, alter and remove any copyright, trademark, logo or any user related information
  • You shall not make use of any meta tags or metadata or any other hidden text making use of Wellgrow Securities brand name, trademark, URL, logo, product or service name.
  • You shall not upload, transmit, email any user information that contact viruses or any computer malware, program designed to destroy or interrupt with the functionality of any computer software
  • You shall not make an attempt to search, meta-search the site or information with any special engine, search engine or third party web browsers which send queries to site to determine how a website or web page ranks
  • Collect or store personal information about other users without express authorization from Wellgrow Securities
  • -If you become aware of any misuse of brand Wellgrow Securities, please contact Wellgrow Securities and intimate us the details thereof as soon as possible
  • We are committed to providing accurate information on the website if you find any information as inaccurate. Kindly provide us details for the same by sending us an email. We will rectify the information as soon as possible
  • If legally required to share your information – to any government agency for investigation of any matter, any illegal activity, suspected fraud, Wellgrow Securities shall go ahead and share your information.
  • When you are using any services and software provided by Wellgrow Securities you will abide by the rules & guidelines as applicable of end user license agreement associated with such software service.
  • You agree not to hold Wellgrow Securities responsible or liable for any failure to store or even  deletion of any information & and details of interactions maintained while using Wellgrow Securities services
  • While using Wellgrow Securities services any links are provided to third party website, you shall not be held Wellgrow securities responsible or liable for any loss or damage incurred due to any transactions or any activity undertaken or any reliance placed by you visiting the link directing you to a third party website. As Wellgrow Securities may have no control over any third party sites & resources
  • Few Wellgrow securities services are backed by advertising income & it may show advertisements & promotions while using the services. The mode in which the advertisements may be displayed while using the services is subject to change. You shall not be held Wellgrow Securities responsible for any loss arising due to the presence of any advertisements while using the services or for any subsequent transactions with advertisers of any advertisements.


Wellgrow Securities provides services to you, considering that you are capable to enter into a binding contract i.e. of a legal age and not a person who is disqualified by Indian law or any other law as applicable over the jurisdiction where services are provided. In order to enjoy our services, you are required to provide your present & correct information to us while registering for using our services & also indicate us for any changes in the same while continuing to use our services in future. Wellgrow Securities will not be held liable for any damage or loss arising due to wrong or inaccurate information submitted to us during the registration process.


You are not allowed to sell, modify, share or form derivative analysis results based on information provided by Wellgrow Securities in full or in part in any manner for any commercial use; unless you are given an Authority through a specific written agreement.


You have knowledge that Wellgrow Securities services used by you contain confidential & proprietary information which is safe-guarded by respective intellectual laws & treaties. You can use services of Wellgrow Securities only if you are given proper authority through a detailed written agreement. If not, you are not allowed to sell, modify, share or form derivative analysis results based on information provided by Wellgrow Securities in full or in part in any manner.


Over any information displayed or posted by you on or through Wellgrow Securities services, Wellgrow Securities shall claims no rights or control over the same. When you post or display information through Wellgrow Securities services which is intended to be available to general public, You are giving the power to Wellgrow Securities to use that information in any manner, free of royalty  to change, post, analyze and share such information on Wellgrow securities services for use of promotion of Wellgrow Securities. Wellgrow Securities has sole right to share or refuse to share the information received as per own judgment what it thinks is fit.


You alone will be responsible for your own conduct whereby if you create, send or share any content or information while using services provided by Wellgrow securities & also for any consequences arising thereof. You will be using the services provided by Wellgrow Securities only for activity which is within the legal framework and following the relevant guidelines and conditions as applicable. You ensure that you will not indulge in any activity which may hamper the services or operation in any manner of Wellgrow securities services.

You agree to provide authority to Wellgrow Securities to gather information from your respective brokers/agents for routine updation of your portfolio for carrying out analysis. At the same time, you agree to provide authority to your respective brokers /agents for supplying transaction information to Wellgrow Securities.

Clients outside India will have to follow the rules applicable in their country regarding acceptable conduct and online sharing of information. You shall comply will Wellgrow Securities & also with your respective company’s rules, regulations & privacy guidelines.


Wellgrow Securities enjoys the power to change or even suspend for a short term or permanently the services offered by Wellgrow Securities with or without any specific notice. You agree not to held Wellgrow Securities responsible or liable for any changes or discontinuance of Wellgrow Securities services to you or any third party during the respective period of subscription.

You can suspend using Wellgrow Securities services anytime before the end of the respective subscription period. In this case, if there is any residual fees for subscription to Wellgrow Securities services, then it shall not be refunded. However the services offered to you shall terminate on its own in case of expiry of the subscription period.


You agree to indemnify Wellgrow Securities and its subsidiaries, associates, owners, directors, employees, advertisers, partners, proprietors, agents & hold them harmless from and against any third party claim arising due to any violation of the rules & regulations of usage of Wellgrow Securities services, and also including any claim or liability arising  from any suits, judgements, attorneys expenses, litigation expenses of any kind. In such a scenario, Wellgrow Securities shall intimate in writing to you of any such claim, action or litigation arising. Wellgrow securities offers a service to you based on analysis of stocks & gives you suggestions for Buy/Sell respectively. However, the final decision to execute a buy and sell will be yours sole decision. Wellgrow Securities makes best effort to provide good quality research to you, however there may be instances of few errors in the analysis offered to you due to presence of human error.


After clearly understanding, you agree that:

No recommendation, advice or information, given whether orally or in written manner, received by you from Wellgrow Securities shall lead to any warranty unless expressly stated in the terms.

While using Wellgrow Securities services, you alone shall be responsible to keep your computer system and other hardware devices free from malware and protect them from any loss of information; when in the process of receiving any information from Wellgrow Securities.

You are making use of the Wellgrow Securities services at your sole discretion & risk. The entire service, content, information is provided to you on as is and as available basis not including warranties of any manner from Wellgrow Securities. Wellgrow Securities clearly disclaims all conditions & warranties of any kind, whether express & implied, including, but without restriction to warranties of merchantability, non-infringement of any proprietary rights, fitness for a particular purpose.


You shall in no circumstances hold Wellgrow Securities and any of its owner, director, partner, employee, officer or any agent liable for any damage or loss arising directly, indirectly, consequential damage ,including  but not limited to loss of profits, goodwill , or any other intangible losses arising from

  1. Quality of Information offered to you – its accuracy, use of it, as part of Wellgrow Securities services provided to you
  2. Use of Wellgrow securities services
  3. Any other issue related to Wellgrow Securities services.

You clearly agree that maximum liability/claim, if it takes place, it shall be limited to the amount of subscription fees which you have paid to Wellgrow Securities.

11. Feedback

Your Feedback is valuable to us and you shall email the same to info@wellgrowsecurities.com.

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