Today India represents Biggest Democracy in the world couple with Political stability, Ease of doing business, Sturdy banking system & variety of other factors makes India the Most attractive Investment destination for investors worldwide.
  1. Largest Youth Population – 356 Million

    (10-24 years old)

  2. FDI Equity Inflow – USD 114 Billion

    (Last 3 Financial Yrs 14-15 to 16-17)

  3. Expected Average Annual GDP growth rate – 6.5%

    (For the years 2019-2023)

  4. Expected Average Age of 125 billion people – 29 Yrs

    (By 2020) – This bullet point you can use in the blogs as an additional one.

    India the biggest Democracy in the world. Along with Self-governing & Independent Judicial System –This provides a perfect environment for the protection of rights of the people carrying on business in India.



  1. Biggest Democracy-

    In Abraham Lincoln’s words -Democracy means – Government Of the People, By the People, For the people. Today India being second most populous country in the world. Well that too it is expected to surpass China’s Population by 2022. Out of them 2/3 being able to Vote, makes India the biggest Democracy in the world. Alongwith Self-governing & Independent Judicial System –This provides a perfect environment for protection of rights of the people carrying on business in India.

  2. Political Stability –

    As we all are aware of India’s Honorable Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi, who came to power with a Phenomenal Majority (Landslide Majority) received by Bhartiya janta Party (BJP) in recent elections held , ensures that he will remain in command not only until 2019 but also expected to continue for at least 5 years seeing the strong support he has been receiving from across India. This surely enhances Political Stability – promoting an environment conducive for growth & investments in India.

  3. GDP Growth Estimates –

    India growth story is fast becoming popular in the entire world. It has led India to become fastest growing G20 Country. As PwC Report, India’s forecasts of real GDP growth rate is expected to be handsome 7% in 2018 & an annual average growth rate of 6.5% from 2019-2023. If we compare China Real GDP growth rate with India, it is expected to be 6.1% in 2018 and an expected annual average growth rate of 5% to 7% from 2019-2013. This makes our belief in India’s growth story even stronger. (Extra – Currently India’s Real GDP growth rate has been 7.5% yearly from 2014)

  4. Ease of Doing Business –

    India currently stands at 130th place in the Global Ranking of “Ease of Doing business” as per World Bank Report. Well India officials has given a target to reach 90th position by 2017-18 and 30th by end 2020 as per Output-Outcome Framework for Schemes – 2017-18. To achieve the same – Regulations has been simplified thereby resulting in reduction of Administrative burden both at Central & State Level.

  5. Sturdy – Banking System –

    For Doing Business you needs funds & Strong Banking system ensures security for the same. For strengthening Bank Supervision/Administration – Stricter provisioning standards & norms for early recognition of asset deterioration has been introduced.

  6. Abundant Labor Force –

    India houses the World’s largest youth population of 356 million 10-24

    year-olds. For Business – Easy availability of Labor plays a very important role. In addition, the average age of 125 billion people in India will be mere 29 yrs by 2020. This makes India a topmost destination for Abundant labor force in the world –Thereby attracting MNCs and Companies worldwide to set up base in India.

  7. Make in India –Initiative –

    It is an Initiative launched by our PM Narendra Modi in Sep 2014 as part of a wider set of nation- building exercise.  A part of this initiative is to encourage FDI. Now there has been a change in FDI rules, which has resulted in fall in share of FDI inflows requiring government approval.

  8. Government Initiatives –Goods & Service tax reforms-

    The Current Tax System is a fragmented due to which it becomes inefficient.  To overcome the cascading effect of taxes Goods & Service tax reform is introduced in the system. The New System, will make sure & include in its ambit even those people who were evading taxes, thereby reduce competition from non- tax paying small businesses. This will benefit bigger MNCs and businesses in long run.

  9. Rising inflow of FDI in India –

Due to Government’s Make in India initiative, there has been a significant rise in FDI equity inflow to USD 114.41 billion in last 3 year Financial years from 2014-15 to 2016-17.While India has received FDI inflow of USD 60.08 billion in 2016-17 in comparison to USD 45 billion received in 2014-15 representing an outstanding growth of 33.5% over a period of 2 years.





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